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"Returning" to the bass...

I get calls all the time from students that played when they were younger and now, many years later, have decided to play again. One thing that ask is how to start. I tell them one word....


You have to start at the beginning to make sure you dont getinto any bad habits!!! To be honest..I have been playing more than 40 years and I still do them. Here are some points to get you started:

Posture...make sure your hands are doing what they are supposed to and are in front of a mirror...mke sure you are not slouching... and learn major and minor arpeggios in all keys.. with a metronome...SLOWLY..go for accuracy and truly knowing time. and play along with thoe tunes that mde you want to play in the forst placc!!1 go for accuracy...try to play it EXACTLY, like it is a test..then try to add your own stle to it..

Study...find a teacher (me?) to help you get back on the road and to continue progressing..

You can find mini lessons in previous blog posts to help as well...

Lots of Luck!!!

Feel free to ask questions!!!!

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