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Food for Thought

had an early morning student..and he reminded me of something I posted previously...I thought I would share it again...

"I had a discussion with a student this morning about the concept a studying, evolving, exploring musician (...artist) you will:

1. Always feel you don't practice enough... 2. Always feel you don't know enough 3. Never be satisfied with your performances or level of play 4. Never feel you completely understand ANYTHING 5. Experience sometimes crippling self doubt...I had an incredibly talented student that was studying music in college and suddenly changed careers...when I asked why, she said, "I just don't think I have what it takes..."..I replied, " that's funny, I feel that way about 3 times a week..." comes with the territory

So what do we do? IMO, it is how we manage these issues...healthily...

1. CALM THE FUCK is a lifelong journey, and there are victories along the way...I had one last night at a gig...enjoy them...sometimes, they are few and far between... 2. Find another POSITIVE outlet...all work and no play....u dig? Exercise, family, a pet, shopping, meditation, masturbation...SOMETHING to help you cope when you want to throw your instrument against a wall (..been there..) 3. Understand, that by choosing to study and further your art...not just copy some celebrity, or band, or put yourself ahead of 90% of the music community..and will reap infinite benefits in the long run...we all know the player that plays the same 5 things every gig...or sounds like (insert famous player or style here) no matter what genre of music they are SUPPOSED to be playing...don't be that player... 4. HAVE of my teachers used to say...remember, they call it "playing"..if it ain't fun..change it... 5. Hang with like minded, exploring musicians....closed mindedness is unfortunately contageous...find people that stimulate you musically...go outside your circle...u will be amazed what u find...

Hope this helps...."

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