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With 30+ years experience teaching  electric, upright bass and improvisation (all instruments), I can DEFINITELY help you.   My lesson plans are very effective and have yielded  PROVEN results.  Check out my testimonials page from students all over the country and the world.  See how each and every student has improved.


I teach students of all ages and levels INCLUDING BEGINNERS in person in my studio and/or online via SKYPE.  My lesson plans will be tailored to meet personal goals, while still covering the fundamentals.  I will always answer ANY questions you have or cover any specific area you need during the lessons.  Sometimes "filling in the holes" in your musical knowledge is as important as learning something new.  Lessons can be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc--whatever fits your budget.  You will study AT YOUR OWN PACE, with no pressure of any kind, in a fun, stress-free  environment with no intimidation or attitude. 


Subjects  covered include :

  • Posture/Technique

  • Fretboard knowledge

  • Applied chord theory

  • Harmony

  • Ear training

  • Bassline construction

  • Walking lines

  • Slap Techniques

  • Soloing/Improvisation

  • Reading

  • Time


All of these areas are applicable to every level of player in any style of music.   Lesson plans will be personalized to help you BE THE PLAYER YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO BE!  Lesson slots are available on weekdays, evening and Saturdays.



To find out what I can do to help you, CLICK HERE!

My clinics are very effective and are always well received.  Topics include:


  • Making Better Basslines

  • Upright Bassics

  • A Painless Introduction to Jazz and Improvisation (see highlights on Gallery Section)

  • Breaking the Bonds of Riffdom

  • The Woodshed:A Guide to More Effective Practice


Clinics generally start with a lecture, followed by an "audience participation" section where attendees can play over an exercise that illustrates the topic presented, Questions/Answers and a Raffle of items provided by my endorsers.


Topics can be tailored to your audience.  References and rates  are available upon request.


For questions or to inquire about scheduling, rates  and terms. CLICK HERE!

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