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Sometimes you have to skip ahead

Had a student come to me yesterday...he has been playing a long time, but needs work on his fundamentals. I had been working on giving him a strong foundation and helping him to apply this to his playing. This time, though he had a immediate problem. He was working with a new band and they wanted him to solo at least once during the gigs. This is a time where I "jump ahead" to something that may be beyond where we are in the "lesson plan", but helps the student in his/her current situation. I went over the fundamentals of improvisation, explaining that "the bass player" approaches a given chord from the root up...but "the soloist" approaches from the top down. The bass player is supportive...the soloist is the color. They are two different roles in the band....we also went over similar points regarding melody, rhythm and dynamics....he left feeling better about his impending solo....

Don't forget Facebook Live Sunday 7/16/17 7:30-ish pm EDT. Subject "Divide and Conquer". Tune in!!!


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