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Dichotomies on iTunes and a Review!!

Dichotomies is now on iTunes!!!

Here is a great review by Patrick!!

di·chot·o·mies plural noun: A division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely different. To me it was important I understood the word that is the title of this collection of music from bassist Charley Sabatino and vocalist Lauren Lee. The song titles alone make it easy to understand the theme and choice of title, but it isn’t just the subject matter that explores contrast; both Charley and Lauren take the project far beyond something to simply listen to. The music on the CD is Free Jazz and to me the word dichotomy is very appropriate for the art form. This is a recording of music that isn’t necessarily presented in a “concert” setting but is more “live” than most recorded concerts you’ve ever listened to on CD. What makes it so sexy is these songs might never be played again exactly the way they were recorded because every composition was written on the spot; at the very moment it was recorded. If you’re a fan of music on ANY level you have to be able to appreciate how incredible this is. I left the CD in my car player for a week and let it roll every time I drove. I noticed myself talking to me about what I was listening as much as I just listened to it. Music usually makes it easy for me to put life on pause and slip out the back door real quick, but less so with this. Lauren and Charley found a way to engage me with the songs, they never melted into the background, and the sounds are amazing. The double bass is remarkable and very much able to serve as a platform on its own. When used by Charley it becomes a band, able to be melodic, rhythmic and percussive. Layer that foundation with a remarkable vocal instrument and the result is music, education and a form of enlightenment that creates a desire to push boundaries of your own. There seems so much thought in something completely improvised. That’s kind of remarkable…wouldn’t you agree?

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