Monday #whiteboard

Some leftover Monday #whiteboard. All the theory in the world is worthless, unless u can apply it. Something as simple as figuring out the key of a song "on the fly" can be invaluable to a player. Knowing the what's, whys and hows...and knowing what they do for you is the key IMO to true musical freedom and is what I stress to all my students and in my own study...

Thursday #whiteboard

Some leftover Thursday #whiteboard. Sometimes, it is not only what u can is "what else" can u do. Knowing ALL your options and being able to apply them..sometimes on the fly...can really help with creativity....students that have experienced my "I hate you Charley"..."Time Machine"..."style revamp"...and "Reharm" exercises are well aware...I also emphasize this every day in my own practice.

Weekend #whiteboard

Talking about starting points, methods of approach...all the theory in the world won't help you if you can't apply it...

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