PM on Facebook from a student

"hey man - just wanted to make sure i told you how much i appreciate everything you've taught me so far. I've been completely re-energized lately around learning music and I'm looking forward to keep moving forward. You're a great guy and a great teacher!... just wanted to let you know 🙂" ....made my day!!!

Fabook LIVE lesson....

Sometimes you have to skip ahead

Had a student come to me yesterday...he has been playing a long time, but needs work on his fundamentals. I had been working on giving him a strong foundation and helping him to apply this to his playing. This time, though he had a immediate problem. He was working with a new band and they wanted him to solo at least once during the gigs. This is a time where I "jump ahead" to something that may be beyond where we are in the "lesson plan", but helps the student in his/her current situation. I went over the fundamentals of improvisation, explaining that "the bass player" approaches a given chord from the root up...but "the soloist" approaches from the top down. The bass player is suppor

Facebook Live!!

My next Facebook LIVE lesson will be this Sunday 7/16/17 at 7:30-ish EDT. The Topic will be "Divide and Conquer"..a way to help you manage topics in the woodshed...followed by Q&A.....Hope u can tune in...these are fun...

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